7 September, Singapore

Keynote Address

About Chris Jansen

Chris is a director and senior consultant with Leadership Lab and his background includes being a secondary Health and PE HOD in Mangere College, Auckland, Deputy Principal at Linwood College, Christchurch, and lecturer of strategic leadership at the University of Canterbury. Chris’s current work with Leadership Lab involves “developing collective approaches to complex issues” which happens through a wide range of projects in the education, health and social services sectors. Chris loves working alongside leaders as they grow to trust each other and then collaborate in ways that make a real difference to the communities that they are involved with. Chris and his colleague Dr Cheryl Doig have recently published the 4th in a series in the Latitude magazine The COVID experience… will it change schooling forever?

What Will be the Legacy of COVID-19 for Our Schools -
Tweaks or Transformation

During the COVID lockdown, educators reported tangible benefits and perhaps surprising increases in engagement from many of their students learning from home. Now that schools are back up and running, how might we take these insights about student agency and translate them into change practices in our schools?

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