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Keynote Speaker

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Professor Freddy Boey

Senior Vice President
National University of Singapore


About Freddy Boey

Professor Freddy Boey will be Deputy President (Innovation & Enterprise) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) on 1 Apr 2019.  He was the Provost and Dy President of NTU 2011-2017 and became NUS Snr Vice President in 2018.  A pioneer in the use of functional biomaterials for medical devices, Professor Boey has developed 100 over patents and founded several companies to commercialize his cardiovascular, ocular and surgical implants.  His customizable hernia mesh is the first such surgical mesh approved for sale by the US FDA and his most recent company, Peregrine, has created a nano-based drug delivery system to treat Glaucoma which has been successfully deployed in human trials. 


Professor Boey is also director of several boards, including the Health Science Authority Singapore and the Singapore Rail Academy Board and was previously board member of GovTech and the Defense Science Organisation. He has received several prestigious awards, including the Imperial College London Fellowship Award for his scientific work and for establishing the LKC School of Medicine, the 2013 Singapore President's Science and Technology Medal for lifetime achievement in biomedical devices and   the 2014 Singapore President’s Technology Award for his glaucoma invention. He was also awarded Singapore’s National Public Administration medals (Gold and Silver) for his educational contribution.


Teaching Yesterday, Learning Today and Innovating Tomorrow

The presentation discusses the pervasive intrusion of technology and its threat to present learning, yet concurrently  the opportunity to future learning -  an educational paradigm shift from Teaching to Learning, from specialization to innovation. 

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