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26-27 August, Singapore

Keynote Address

Koh Chaik Ming.jpg

Koh Chaik Ming

Chief Executive Officer

Forchn International


About Koh Chaik Ming

Chaik Ming is the Chief Executive Officer of Forchn International and Forchn Real Estate Fund Management. Forchn is a Shanghai-based investment holding company specializing in ports and e-commerce logistics real estate, with numerous regional acquisitions including a half billion-dollar market cap REIT (EC World REIT) that is listed on the mainboard of Singapore Exchange. Its holdings also include Ruyicang E-Commerce Logistics Services,Alibaba’s Cai Niao Logistics Network, Fuchun Resort and Zhang Xiao Quan. Forchn Real Estate Fund also includes the recently announced e-commerce and logistics asset, Southeast Asian and China focused Forchn-YCH Belt-Road Initiative (BRI) Logistics Asset Private Equity Fund.

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