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Master Class

The New Imperatives of Educational Change

Topic: The New Imperatives of Educational Change
Trainer: Professor Dennis Shirley, Boston College
Date: 25 March 2019 Monday
Venue: To Be Confirmed
Time: 9am to 5pm


Note: This workshop is cancelled.

Workshop Fee:

S$350.00 per participant. If 2 or more participants from the same school/organization attend the same workshop, the discounted fee will be S$300.00 per participant for that particular workshop.

S$200.00 per participant if the person has registered for Global Educational Leadership Conference 2019.

Fees include all training materials, 2 tea breaks and a lunch.

Other Information: Registration is on a first-come-first serve basis. No refunds will be made for cancellations or in the case of absentees. The Academy accepts replacements for registered participants who are unable to attend for whatever reasons.


About the Workshop

Are you inspired by the promise of innovation in theory but exasperated by how hard it is in practice?  Have you ever tried re-organizing your job to improve communications with colleagues but only found out that you’ve added new chores to your workload without any increase in efficiency? Do you ever worry that the most honest and productive conversations on educational challenges among your colleagues happen after work rather than in the professional learning communities that you have been working laboriously to establish in your school or system? 

If so, this nuts-and-bolts, highly interactive workshop is for you!

Participants will learn about cutting-edge research from around the world that is leading us beyond a now exhausted Age of Effort and Achievement and into a new Age of Learning, Well-being, and Identity. They will understand why this transformation is occurring and its ramifications for how they organize their schools, how they design their lessons, and how they assess student learning. Then we will work together to identify ways that we can develop practical strategies for improving all of the ways that we work in schools with one another.

In a highly interactive, workshop format educators will explore:

  • The current challenges to innovation in their schools and systems;

  • Why teamwork often falters amongst educators, even when everyone says they are committed to it;

  • How new international evidence provides innovative strategies and concepts to break through the impediments of excessive centralization;

  • Why “Leading from the Middle” is the next big idea for school and system leaders and what it means for you and your colleagues; and

  • Practical next steps that everyone can take to enhance efficiencies, transform our workplaces, and improve learning outcomes for all.


All participants will be provided with a workbook with activities that they will use throughout the day and that can be applied directly to their work with their colleagues back home in their schools and systems. 

About Professor Dennis Shirley

Dr Dennis Shirley.jpg

Dennis Shirley is Professor of Education at the Lynch School of Education at Boston College. Dennis dedicates his life to the improvement of teaching and learning for students so that they may flourish wherever they may be. He is Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of Educational Change, an indispensable resource for change leaders at the school, state, or national levels. A peripatetic presenter, Dennis has conducted research and led professional development workshops for school leaders in six continents and his work has been translated into many languages. Most recently, he has authored a second edition of The Mindful Teacher  and his newest book entitled The New Imperatives of Educational Change: Achievement with Integrity.

With co-author Andy Hargreaves and a team of Boston College doctoral students, Dennis has just published a report entitled Leading from the Middle:  Spreading Learning, Well-being, and Identity across Ontario. This new report illustrates the ways in which Dennis works with educators  to help with clarifying their challenges, identifying promising strategies, and implementing and assessing change. He is skilled at breaking down ill-defined problem sets into winnable goals that can be attained with persistence, creativity, and dignity. Combining cutting-edge research findings with sensitivity and compassion for the educators charged with teaching the young on a daily basis, Dennis is highly sought-after because of his respect for teachers and administrators and his engagement with students and their learning.

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