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8 July, Singapore

Panel Session


Ong Biauw Chi

Group Chief Risk Officer, SingHealth
Senior Consultant, Anaesthesiologist, SingHealth


About Ong Biauw Chi

A/Prof Ong Biauw Chi is Senior Consultant Anaesthesiologist at Singhealth. She was the Head of Anaesthesiology, SGH from 2009 till 2014. She did her Cardiac Anaesthesia fellowship in Massachusetts General Hospital and Boston Children’s Hospital. She was the team lead in the separation of the Nepalese Craniopagus twins (2001), which is on record the longest surgery, and the Iranian Craniopagus twins (2003). She is chair of the Anaesthesia RAC and was chair of the exam committee.


She was Director of Patient Safety and Director of Clinical Governance till August 2015 for a period of 9 years and has set up the Clinical Governance framework in SGH. She is actively involved in the Joint Commission International process and organizes and promotes quality improvement, safety and peer review in the hospital. She has taken the hospital through its inaugural JCI accreditation (then the largest hospital to be JCI accredited) and several re accreditations after.


She teaches and mentors undergraduates and postgraduate trainees in both anaesthesia as well as patient safety and clinical quality. She is a College Master in Duke-NUS and was named best mentor by Singhealth trainees. She started the post basic peri-anaesthesia course for nurses with NYP to further advance the role and professional development of nurses in anaesthesia. She has held NMRC grants and actively supports research. She was awarded the Public Administration Silver Medal in the National Day Awards, 2013 and the National Medical Excellence award for National Outstanding Clinical Quality Activist in 2014.


She was involved in the planning and operation of the Sengkang General Hospital as its first Chairman of the Medical Board and stepped down in 2021 July after 9 years. During this period, she led the hospital in its Covid-19 efforts both in the hospital as well as in the dormitory. She was one of 8 women named Woman of the Year by Her World in 2020. She is currently appointed Group Chief Risk Officer of Singhealth.

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