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12th Global Educational Leadership Conference

Theme: Embracing Diverse Learners

Dates: 21-22 June 2021, Virtual


The Global Educational Leadership Conference (GELC) is an annual event organised by the Academy of Principals (Singapore). The conference is designed for Principals, Vice-Principals, Heads of Departments, Subject Heads, Level Heads and educators who are involved in some form of educational leadership in their school or organisation.

Increasingly, the ideas of diversity, inclusivity and individuality are shaping society at all levels. As a core building block in society, education is not exempt from this sea change. As education shapes individual hearts and minds and aims to nurture the value of every child, the notion of customised learning will take center stage. Singapore’s approach of inclusivity at the system level with differentiated support at school level ensures that every child is nurtured to his or her fullest potential. Our children have diverse needs and bring with them a wide range of experiences, beliefs, knowledge, and skills. In the midst of such diversity, schools need to create safe environments where there are positive teacher-student and peer relationships so that our classrooms have a culture of care, respect and appreciation for differences. What must educational institutions do to adapt our teaching pace, approaches and assessment practices to be developmentally appropriate? How can educational institutions embrace diverse learners effectively to engender meaningful and enjoyable learning? How should technologies be leveraged to facilitate better customization? Be prepared to face a new season in educational leadership where schools rise up to embrace diverse learners!

The 12th GELC calls for deeper thinking on how we can embrace and ensure that learners of diverse learning needs flourish in our system. Thinkers and influencers in the field and beyond will share their insights on how we can face a new season in educational leadership where schools rise up to embrace diverse learners!

The Speakers

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