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13th Global Educational Leadership Conference

Theme: Neither New Nor Normal: Rethinking Educational Leadership

Date: 8 July 2022, Venue: Orchard Hotel Singapore


The Academy of Principals (Singapore) organised the 13th Global Educational Leadership Conference (GELC) on 8 July 2022. Our theme for this year’s GELC is “Neither New Nor Normal: Rethinking Educational Leadership”. The conference was attended by more than 700 local school leaders and middle managers as well as participants from Australia, Argentina, Brunei, Canada, Ireland, Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We were honoured to have the Minister for Education, Mr Chan Chun Sing gracing the occasion by delivering the Opening Address and the Permanent Secretary for Education, Mr Lai Chung Han to have a dialogue with participants at the Conference.


The COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be more than just a threat to our health—it has become a disruption to our way of life, affecting everything from supply chains, to the way we live, to what is considered essential work. How are we to think about and live amidst this disruption? How should educational institutions respond?


GELC 2022 explored how COVID-19 has reshaped educational leadership in Singapore and worldwide. The conference explored what it means to lead effectively in this age of disruption and how educational leaders can and should seize opportunities and expand possibilities of what schooling and learning can be. Our speakers talked about how to design learning in an age of disruption to prepare our young to be resilient and responsive. The speakers have shared what it means to inspire hope in individuals and organisations as well-being takes on a central role in such uncertain times.

The 12th GELC called for deeper thinking on how we can embrace and ensure that learners of diverse learning needs flourish in our system. Thinkers and influencers in the field and beyond shared their insights on how we can face a new season in educational leadership where schools rise up to embrace diverse learners!

The Speakers

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