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Building Trust through Respect and Understanding

Kuik Shiao-Yin photo.jpg

Ms Kuik Shiao-Yin

Executive Director
Common Ground Civic Centre & Consultancy


Shiao-Yin works as a cultural change strategist. She is a Gestalt-based systems & organisational development consultant, process designer, trainer, facilitator, coach, communications advisor and public writer.

She helps organisations develop a more empathetic, empowering approach to working on the changes they long to see in their systems. She trains and coaches people in the cognitive and social-emotional skills they need to manage and lead collaboratively through uncertain times and complex problems.

At Common Ground, her mission is to restore wholeness in people so they can restore wholeness in their families, groups, communities and organisations.

Shiao-Yin was a two-time Nominated Member of Parliament (2014-2018). She sits on various boards, advising them on talent development, cultural strategy, behavioural shift and identity formation. She is a regular public speaker, sharing her insights on the challenge of leadership, trust-building, strategic narratives and the power of individuals in systems.

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