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8 July, Singapore

GELC 2022 will explore how COVID-19 has re-shaped educational leadership in Singapore and around the world. It will explore what it means to lead effectively in this age of disruption, how educational leaders can and should seize opportunities and expand possibilities of what schooling and learning can be. Participants will explore with speakers how to design learning in an age of disruption to prepare our young to be resilient and responsive. In such uncertain times, speakers will share what it means to inspire hope in individuals and organisations as well-being takes on a central role.

Join us at GELC 2022 to find out how.


Minister Chan Chun Sing

Minister for Education

Ministry of Education


Josh Morris.jpg

Mr Joshua Morris

Founder & CEO, The Progression Group

United States

Choe Peng Sum.jpg

Mr Choe Peng Sum

Chief Executive Officer

Pan Pacific Hotels Group



Dr Ong Biauw Chi

Senior Consultant

Sengkang General Hospital


Lai Chun Han.jpg

PS Lai Chung Han

Permanent Secretary

Ministry of Education


Aw Kah Peng.jpg

Ms Aw Kah Peng


Shell Companies in Singapore


Mr Aaron Maniam

Deputy Secretary
(Industry & International)

Ministry of Communications
and Information


Shee Tse Koon_edited.jpg

Mr Shee Tse Koon

Group Executive and Country Head

DBS Singapore


  • The topic and speakers deeply enrich me! Though it's virtual, there is no temptation to multitask as the speakers were inspiring and valuable.

  • Interesting insights from speakers. Great personal stories that I can relate to.

  • Good choice of speakers. Life experiences touch the heart and are impactful.

  • Life experiences shared by the speakers are good takeaways for me to inspire my colleagues and students.

  • Many, many takeaways! Every keynote presented comprehensive and inspirational lessons for reflection and follow-up action.

  • Good that we have perspectives not just from general education but also from other sectors and even other countries.

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