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8 July, Singapore

Keynote Address

Josh Morris.jpg

Joshua Morris

Founder & CEO, The Progression Group

United States

About Joshua Morris

Joshua Morris is the founder and CEO of The Progression Group, a multicultural organization that works with students, educators, corporations, and athletes to fuel individual growth, create meaningful connections, and prepare for what’s next. An entrepreneur, leader and coach based in Thailand since 1999, Josh excels in connecting teams, communities, and cultures, a skill that enabled him to play a critical role as the lead international team coordinator in the Thai Cave Rescue in Mae Sai, Thailand in July 2018. Josh has worked with businesses, NGOs and governments to identify and harness opportunities to build a more sustainable future through a combination of education, personal development, business strategy, cross-cultural communication, and community partnership. In addition to directing vision and strategy for his own company, Josh provides leadership training and development programming to businesses throughout Asia. He has consulted The Thai Authority of Tourism to develop innovative strategies for sustainable tourism development in the region. He has also spearheaded projects to develop local guides and pioneered exchange programs to raise standards in adventure tourism and rescue throughout Thailand and other parts of Asia.


Fluent in English and Thai, with personal roots in both western and eastern traditions, and staff based in Asia, Europe and the United States, Josh is uniquely positioned to enable leaders and teams to transcend organizational barriers. Bridging the gap between language and differing cultural perspectives, Josh’s work with executives is focused on creating high performing teams by fostering meaningful connections through shared experiences.


An experienced rock climber, caver and expedition leader, Josh leveraged a love of the outdoors and a passion for personal growth, and transformed it into a movement that empowers individuals, protects the environment, connects the community, and supports local economies. His extensive experience has helped him bring a compassionate, client-focused approach to his work and leadership, and has given him the unique ability to empower others to go deeper, climb higher, and fuel their personal and professional development.

Just as progression is a steady movement to a more advanced state or place, Josh and the team at The Progression Group guide others in their journey toward a more conscious, successful and fulfilling future.

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