26-27 August, Singapore

Keynote Address


Daryl Neo

Founder & CEO



About Daryl Neo

Daryl Neo is the Founding Director & CEO at Handshakes.


As SGX regulators, Daryl and his co-founder knew the importance of analysing connections between market participants but could find no efficient solution for doing so.


Without any technology background, they took a leap of faith 8 years ago and built a tech business from the ground up.


Today, Handshakes is an award-winning corporate intelligence solutions company that empowers organisations big and small with valuable data and Artificial Intelligence technology.

Daryl’s current portfolio

As the CEO of Handshakes, Daryl focuses on three key areas that he believes will continue to drive the success of the business:


  1. Ensuring Business Focus
    Deciding what the business should and should not do is key in ensuring clear business objectives.

    This ability to retain focus while expanding customer and partnership reach across markets such as China, India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Australia requires Daryl to read a lot, seek advice from wiser people and strategise.

  2. Growing A Talented Team
    Having built a team from scratch himself, Daryl finds fulfillment in finding, attracting and retaining people who are capable of bringing the business objectives and vision to fruition.

    Also important to him is seeing the team grow in their capabilities towards becoming skilled, effective professionals.


  3. Creating Synergies for Corporate Investors
    Daryl is responsible for driving and delivering synergies with our corporate investors Nikkei Inc and Singapore Press Holdings (SPH).