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14th Global Educational Leadership Conference

Theme: Leading with Hope in a Polarised World

Date: 30 June 2023, Venue: Orchard Hotel Singapore


Pankaj Mishra, an Indian scholar, said that “democracy needs some agreed-upon notion, some sense of solidarity and community, that we are in this together. And that has been missing for a very long time because every society we see has emphasized too much of a hyper-individualistic notion and a dangerous idea: The pursuit of private interests.” Covid-19 has only exacerbated the polarities resulting in divided relationships at individual, family, national and global levels. Divisive issues concerning opportunity, equity, mobility, accountability and sustainability, just to name a few, have polarized education as a common good.   


GELC 2023 will explore how schools and educational institutions can help to expand our capacity for social relationships and foster a desire to encounter others and work together for the common good. Participants will hear from speakers on how we can educate and engage young people to have meaningful dialogue and crucial conversations about issues that matter and challenge them to understand perspectives across cultures. They will also share on how we can engender hope among our young in bridging polarities and develop agency for connection and collaboration and empower them to forge a stronger and kinder future for all.

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