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21-22 June, Singapore



Mr Simon Leow


The Happiness Initiative


About Simon Leow

Simon Leow is the co-founder of Happiness Initiative. It is a social enterprise dedicated to promoting happiness and wellbeing in Singapore and the region.


Simon holds a Master in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania. Simon is fascinated with the science of happiness and well-being. He loves to translate the research into actions that people can take to improve their well-being.


His purpose is to build a community that promotes the practice well-being so that individuals, organisations, and communities can thrive.

The Key to Happiness May be the Key to Embracing Diverse Learners

Last year, Happiness Initiative embarked on the State of Happiness survey. Its aim was to find out drivers of different facets of happiness in Singapore.


With the 1230 Singapore Resident respondents across different age groups and socio-demographics, various factors, such as household income, play a role in our happiness. Recognizing that some socio-demographic factors may not be readily changeable, this inspired us to find out what we can change to bring about greater happiness.


We found 3 main drivers of happiness - Purpose, Perseverance, and Social Support (aka People) - making it the 3Ps.


These 3Ps may also be the key to embracing diverse learners – by cultivating a sense of purpose, building the skills to persevere, and providing a culture of strong social support. Hence, fostering a space where "diversity, inclusivity and individuality," can co-exist in harmony.

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